Cancer Can’t Bring Me Down Today!

beautifulday.thumbnail Cancer Cant Bring Me Down Today!This has been the most amazingly beautiful day of my life, and the memories we created today will last a lifetime!

We got married! Yippee! (If you haven’t seen it already, check out our wedding blog at MichelAndSylvie​.com)

I am in a state of absolute joy today. I couldn’t be happier. After all, I got to marry my very best friend, a man I actually love hanging out with. A man who inspires me and makes me laugh. Michel amazes me with his sharp intelligence and brilliant creativity, and his ability to see the good in everything and everyone constantly floors me. I mean, he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.

Simply put, we were meant to be together. He is my soulmate.

I was terribly worried that I would start crying during the ceremony and be unable to control myself once the tears began. See, I don’t shed tears very often. In fact, my uncanny knack for swallowing tears has almost become legendary amongst my friends. “Sylvie just doesn’t cry, no matter what” seems to be the known rule. But, there’s a reason I stay in such careful control over my emotions. Once I start to cry, I just can’t stop! It’s like someone turned on a faucet and refuses to turn it off!

So, I was nervously anticipating starting the waterworks right there during the ceremony. In fact, Michel and I sort of planned the ceremony around the possibility that I would be crying too hard to make any long speeches or vows!

I was pretty proud of myself for keeping it together when I walked down the aisle and stood next to my groom. It wasn’t easy. As I approached him, I saw that his face was wet with his own tears, and I was immediately choked up. I quickly looked away for fear that I would start crying before anyone said anything! And I carefully avoided looking at his face for too long. I was, quite simply, so blissfully happy in that moment that tears were threatening to begin right then and there.

I handled myself pretty well, up until our officant uttered the words that hit me like a sledgehammer…

in sickness and in health”

As my loving groom looked me deep in the eyes and said “I will” to that specific vow, I fell apart. He and I were the only people who knew what those words truly meant for us, and he knew exactly what he was committing himself to. This was not a vow that either of us took lightly, and we weren’t a starry eyed new couple with no clue of what was coming around the corner. We KNEW that we were about to truly put that vow to the test.

And the man I love more than anything was knowingly, willingly, gladly vowing to stay by my side and support me in my sickness.

He was saying “You don’t have breast cancer, sweetheart…WE have breast cancer”

Well that was more than I could take, and the waterworks turned on full force. The rest of the ceremony was a bit of a blur, as I was fully concentrated on trying to rein in my wildly out of control tearfest!

By the end of the ceremony, I was finally in control again, and able to kiss my new husband without blubbering, and as the officiant announced us as “Mr. and Mrs. Fortin”, I was (and still am) the happiest woman in the world!

I’ll have cancer tomorrow. Right now, I’m having cake!

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  1. Allison Sheffield said on:

    September 11, 2006 at 6:29 pm

    Sylvie and Michael you don’t know me but I know of you both and loved your wonderful from the stage proposal! The week you were married I thought the internet had a serious break down, because all of those usually busy marketers were very quiet. It must have been a great wedding! What a romantic couple you are.
    I will think of you everyday, Sylvie and send you positive thoughts and vibes!
    I have known a number of women who had breast cancer and they all are well, no kidding.
    Love to you all, your families included.

  2. Amy said on:

    September 23, 2006 at 11:29 pm

    What a beautiful testimony! You should write a book and call it, “I’ll Have Cancer Tomorrow. Right Now I’m Having Cake!”

    My mom had a kidney transplant five years ago (she’s doing great now!), and in the struggles and illness leading up to that, it was her having exactly this same type of atitude that kept us all going.

  3. shercyramos said on:

    August 24, 2009 at 9:58 am

    That’s the spirit! Sometimes it’s the small things that counts and add joy to our life. I admire your strong spirit. Your life and testimony continues to bless people. If cancer can’t bring you down today, I will not make my problems also bring me down today!

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