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Sylvie FortinSyl­vie For­tin is not just a breast can­cer sur­vi­vor. She is also a popu­lar spea­ker at events all over the world — with audien­ces ran­ging from small groups to a sta­dium filled with thou­sands (such as Wem­bley Cen­tre in the UK).

She is avai­la­ble to speak on a range of topics, including:

“Take Back Your Happy Place”

This is a key­note talk of 1–2 hours.

Syl­vie For­tin is a breast can­cer sur­vi­vor with a mes­sage to share about how to turn any event in your life into an extraor­di­nary oppor­tu­nity to do something won­der­ful. She is now avai­la­ble to speak at your event and ins­pire your audience to do great things with their lives and their busi­nes­ses. Her power­ful mes­sage of strength and cou­rage is ready to be told.

Sha­ring her per­so­nal story will touch the hearts of your audience in a way they never expec­ted. Her warmth and abi­lity to turn any tra­gedy into triumph using her uni­que phi­lo­sophy will ins­pire the audience to change their own lives, regard­less of their circumstances.

She has an actio­na­ble plan to use ima­gi­na­tion and ima­gery to trans­form each nega­tive into a posi­tive. This pro­cess, which she was using long before she was diag­no­sed with can­cer, allo­wed her to grow her fled­gling busi­ness into one which has astoun­ded all the nay-​​sayers, and when she speaks to a crowd, they lis­ten to her stra­te­gies and improve their lives exponentially.

“The Sec­ret To Gro­wing Your Busi­ness Faster”

This is a royalty-​​based BOR plat­form talk.

Highly suc­cess­ful mar­ke­ters know there is a mas­sive dif­fe­rence bet­ween pie­ce­meal outsour­cing and what Syl­vie calls “mana­ged outsour­cing.” That’s why many of them turn to Syl­vie For­tin to explode their businesses.

As the “go-​​to gal” for many top Inter­net mar­ke­ters, for years Syl­vie has been the behind-​​the-​​scenes “sec­ret wea­pon” hel­ping count­less mar­ke­ters and Inter­net entre­pre­neurs achieve dra­ma­tic results in their businesses.

It’s no won­der why her clients often call her “The Millio­naire Maker.”

When it comes to outsour­cing, it can be a night­mare if you don’t know what you’re doing. Syl­vie shows you how to work your way safely through the mine field of outsour­cing so you get results even bet­ter than you would be able to do yourself.

“Create an Online Publishing Passive-​​Income Empire”

This is a royalty-​​based BOR plat­form talk.

Sylvie Fortin at Wembley Centre, UK
Syl­vie and Michel For­tin spea­king at Wem­bley Cen­tre, UK.

Spea­king on stage together, Michel and Syl­vie are not only part­ners in life, they are also sec­ret wea­pons to some of the most suc­cess­ful Inter­net mar­ke­ters in the world. Wor­king clo­sely with these top mar­ke­ters, they both inti­ma­tely know what works and what doesn’t. As a result, they have dis­co­ve­red a uni­que sys­tem to make money by stra­te­gi­cally com­bi­ning seve­ral busi­ness models together, crea­ting what they call “Money Magnets.”

Now’s your rare oppor­tu­nity to have them speak live at your event as they unveil many brand-​​new breakth­roughs and tes­ted stra­te­gies they unco­ve­red where you can not only create mas­si­vely pro­fi­ta­ble Money Mag­nets in your busi­ness, but also create a count­less num­ber of them quickly, easily and automagically.

If you are inte­res­ted in having Syl­vie For­tin speak at your event, con­tact her directly. She’ll be glad to speak with you and make sure she’s the per­fect fit for your event

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